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A decision to break into the Northeast Ohio market — the pop-ups build brand awareness and a customer base — brought the store to Elyria. “This is the way we get into a market with a pop-up event,” he said. “The customers look for us because they know they will get mall brand items for 60 percent to 90 percent off. It’s one weekend and then we are gone to return again in a few months.” Bradshaw said he can’t say or advertise the brands customers can find — much like other popular discount retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory — but customers on Thursday could find Express, The Limited, Victoria’s Secret and Lane Bryant among the racks and boxes of men’s and women’s shoes, dresses, shirts, bras and ties. While new to Elyria — aside from the holiday-themed shops that appear around Halloween and Christmas — pop-up fashion events are popular in the retail world. And, if done right, it can be a lucrative venture, too. According to PopUp Republic, temporary shops snag about $10 billion in sales in the industry each year. “They’re great and they help people out who can’t afford to spend full price on things,” said Amanda Miller, of Cleveland, as she perused a rack of women’s plus-size dresses from online retailer Gwynnie Bee that allows for clothes rentals. “Being a plus-size woman, this stuff is not cheap so you definitely want to get a discount on it when you can.” Bradshaw said the store attracts all kinds of shoppers and its mobile existence actually is a seen as a plus.

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