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Six unusual travel habits of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un

The "human motorcade," as some news outlets called it, kept pace with the vehicle and stayed in perfect formation as it drove around turns in the road. He rides a slow-moving, bulletproof train Kim Jong-un waves from inside his train as he prepares to depart from Beijing, in this photo released by KCNA (AFP/Getty Images) Most world leaders travel by aeroplane, but much like his father and grandfather, Kim Jong-Un's preferred mode of transportation is private train. Whenever Kim travels, as he did to China last month, three trains are needed: an advance security train, Kim's train, and another train for bodyguards and supplies, according to The New York Times. Each of Kim's 90 high-security carriages is bulletproof, and with all the extra weight, the trains top out at just 37 miles per hour, The Times reported. He doesn't use public restrooms when he travels — he uses a 'personal toilet' instead Apparently, Kim Jong-un doesn't use public restrooms when he travels, instead opting for a "personal toilet," Lee Yun-keol, a former member of the North Korean Guard Command unit, told The Washington Post. And the reason has nothing to do with cleanliness. "Rather than using a public restroom, the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels," Lee told The Post. "The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind." In 2015, South Korean news agency DailyNK reported that a customized bathroom is built into one of the cars of Kim's convoy of armoured vehicles. He brought a special noodle machine from Pyongyang Kim's meticulously planned meeting with South Korean president Moon Jae-In accounted for the personal tastes of both leaders.

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Traveling Is Easy When Using These Useful Tips

When you're in a hurry to catch your plane or drive to your next destination, you may be forgetting some important factors of traveling. Travel is something that entails lots of planning and thought. The information found here will help you plan for and enjoy your next trip.

Always keep important information on hand when you travel abroad. This should include the address, phone number and website of your consulate or embassy in the country in which you are traveling. You may find yourself needing this info. They'll aid you if you run into any issues.

Take the time to make a packing list. Start as soon as you can before your trip, that way you can add your must-have items to the list as you think of them. Even if you end up packing at the last minute, this will help you remain organized and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Be flexible when considering your vacation destination. While it can be fun to establish a routine by revisiting a favorite vacation spot, maintaining some variety in destinations makes your vacations more memorable and relaxing. You can even save additional money if you find another exciting vacation spot.

When venturing abroad, be cautious when using taxi cabs. Some "taxis" are not legitimate. It doesn't take much to place a "taxi" ad on a vehicle, but you really don't know who you might be dealing with or what their intentions are.

If you are flying or driving with a young child, it is vital that you bring along things that will keep your toddler entertained, especially if the traveling is long. Take a few of their their favorite toys. You may want to consider buying a new toy or two as well, so that they have something exciting to occupy their time.

When planning flights for lower prices, check the actual website for every airline that offers flights to the destination. While you can find low fairs on travel websites such as Travelocity or Kayak, often the best deal is on the airline's website.

Place all of your travel items in the same place. Don't waste your time searching your home for plug adapters, a travel pillow, or your toiletries. Store all the travel essentials in a plastic bin. An under-bed container works well to keep things hidden, but ready for you to quickly jet off on your next adventure.

A great way to stay green while traveling is to take advantage of eco-friendly services. For example, choose a hotel which offers energy efficient fixtures and recycling programs. Even restaurants and transportation can be green.

If you often find yourself forgetting items in your hotel, write yourself a reminder on your bathroom mirror using a dry-erase marker. Paper notes are easily lost, but it's hard to overlook a message on a mirror. You can use toilet paper to remove your note from the mirror. How easy is that?

Think about your future trip and what can be improved on it. This article is a great foundation to leverage off of. Apply some of these tips on your next trip. Any of the tips here will only serve to make your trip more enjoyable. [ทัวร์เกาหลี]

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North Korea: First American to study in North Korea tells all

The streets in Pyongyang are relatively empty. “Having pets was never really part of the culture,” he says. “North Korea has always been a very poor country, and they’ve always had difficulty feeding their citizens. Keeping an animal you have to feed when you yourself aren’t getting enough rice to get you through the day is an outrageous luxury to them.” At the zoo — which houses “more than 6,000 animals and some 650 species” according to official North Korean state media — dogs and cats are housed in separate facilities and kept in clean, spacious cages that usually hold between one and three animals each. Jeppesen noticed around a dozen dog breeds there, including Yorkshire terriers and Pungsans, a breed native to the country. At the home of a government official, Jeppesen also got a look at the nation’s television habits. The evening news is a fawning, monotonous rundown of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s daily schedule while “cheery symphonic music” plays in the background. But as Jeppesen watched, the official turned off the news and put on “a pirated copy of ‘Zootopia’ he bought at a DVD stall.” Farmers working inside a fence preventing them from escape to China. Photo by: Chen HaoSource:News Corp Australia North Koreans regularly consume illegal foreign media via smuggled USB drives and, as a result, are savvier about the outside world than most people think, Jeppesen writes. Even so, Jeppesen’s trip became increasingly challenging, as the stress of constantly being watched by his minders and the assumption that his hotel room, phone and computer were all bugged took a toll. “Psychologically, it was very difficult and stressful. It had all these weird side effects,” Jeppesen says.

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